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Bags of Love/Bolsas de Amor 2018

Another year since we started this adventure (from 2009) of trying to bring help to our communities in the Washington, DC, region. Gracias, Elda DeVarie and all Partners throughout the years.

Jorge Ramos, voz de periodista

In English and Spanish, highlights of a conversation between Alberto Avendaño and Jorge Ramos about the role of journalism in society, Latino identities and more.

Jóvenes músicos salvadoreños

La banda Cartas a Felice es ejemplo de una juventud salvadoreña que trabaja la música con optimismo. Visitaron Washington y Alberto Avendaño habló con ellos en el edificio del Washington Post.

Dolores Huerta y los derechos civiles

Dolores Huerta talks to Alberto Avendaño about the Latino Vote. This is a summary of a conversation taped at El Tiempo Latino in the old building of The Washington Post.

Senator Tim Kaine on US Hispanics

In English and Spanish, Summary of a conversation in 2015 between Alberto Avendaño and Senator Tim Kaine about US Hispanic roots, Kaine’s religious beliefs, and more.

Senator Kaine, close and personal

Summary of Avendaño's interview with Senator Tim Kaine in January 2015 at El Tiempo Latino office in the old building of The Washington Post.

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